So last week was very challenging for me…it was a full on week and not everything went to plan (all totally out of my control).

To start with my flight was delayed going to Edinburgh to run a strategy session, coped with that ok, I took the opportunity to read my book for business book club! Arrived an hour later than planned but again that was ok as had built in some buffer!

Arrived with time to spare at the venue and delivered a great session.

Homeward bound I was faced with another delay, as I was originally due back at 10.45pm I really didn’t want to be any later! However, I had no control so after circling at Gatwick for half an hour we started our decent…only to have an aborted landing….! Anyone who has experienced this will know what a scary thing it is. Add that to an already stressed and tired person and I really struggled to cope. We eventually landed at 12am and so home to bed!

Next day I had to go to Wimbledon. Off I set with one of my new recruits only to get rear ended at a roundabout. Whip lash for me and her and another hassle of sorting out the car.

The next day I really struggled with basic stuff. My neck hurt and I was in a foul mood! Didn’t get much work done and was in a sulk!

That night led to much reflection. I have a couple of people close to me who have a great outlook to life (David Gilroy and Honey Lansdowne). Channelling these people I thought, hang on a minute, no I can’t change what happened last week but I can change how I feel about it. Do I want to be a victim with the attitude of poor me? Who does that benefit – anyone?

So over the weekend I penned a motivational email for the team which was schedule to send at 8.30am Monday and I gave myself a good talking to.

The result….we have had an amazing Monday.

I hope you can take something from the above rant/blog as its amazing how powerful our minds are? I have been using Headspace with is a meditation ap and whilst I attend to my physical health a lot with gym classes and eating well I hadn’t been looking after my mental wellbeing enough.

As its mental health awareness week this week I urge you all to get mind fit and look after your mental wellbeing as well as physical!


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