The world has changed remarkably since the outbreak of Coronavirus, and subsequently, the way that professional services firms run their businesses. Whilst many had no choice but to embrace remote working, come to grips with new (and ever-evolving) government guidance, and changing customer needs, we look at which practices are here to stay – and how these can help you build a firm for the future.

In this half-day virtual conference, we hear from a range of speakers to help you understand:

  1. What customers actually want and expect from professional services firm in 2020 and beyond
  2. How IT and agile working can help you build a future-proof firm
  3. How to use client and referrer relationships to generate more work and win new clients
  4. How you can use positive changes from the Pandemic to drive a dynamic growth strategy

And if that isn’t enough, you will also receive a delicious breakfast box in the post to enjoy during the event.

The event will be run virtually via Remo and is supported by Network my Club.

If you would like to find out more about the event, please call us on 01903 530787 or email Lara.

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Meet our Speakers

Jonathan Winchester, insight6

“What customers actually want and expect from professional services firms in 2020 and beyond”

Jonathan is the Chief Executive of insight6, the country’s thought-leading brands on Customer Experience (CX) within the professional sector.  insight6 specialises in transforming the CX within more than 1,000 UK businesses, from multi-nationals to SMEs, which includes 250 law firms.

Jonathan was trained at Harrods and then moved to Australia where he established Shopper Anonymous. Over 8 years the business became one of the leading mystery shopping and market research businesses within Australasia. He then returned to the UK and replicated the same success and now has a team of 25 Customer Experience Directors supporting clients across the UK and Ireland.

The company was rebranded in 2018 to insight6 in order to better reflect the broad range of CX products and services in its portfolio; insight6 is about a holistic approach to CX.

As a well-known public speaker and mentor offering experienced business advice and thought-provoking guidance, Jonathan regularly speaks at large events and not-so-long-ago shared a platform with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.


Andrew Hookway

“How IT and agile working can help you build a future-proof firm”

A look at how Extech Cloud is ‘engineering a flexible community’ and preparing businesses for the ‘New Normal’.

Andrew Hookway is a successful and natural leader with an enquiring mind. Never satisfied with the status quo, always seeing things from new angles and a broad perspective, taking risks and being flexible, and constantly pursuing innovation, helping his clients gain and retain a competitive edge within their own industry sectors. Happy to lead from the front, 4 years ago Andrew took the bold decision to disrupt his industry and take his business in a different direction. With his passionate and energetic style, he has successfully delivered, through his team, a reborn award-winning innovative business model where potential clients are now actively seeking out his business to learn more. Their purpose at Extech Cloud is to ‘Engineer a flexible community’ preparing businesses for the ‘New Normal’.

Bernard Savage

“Client Development: How to create more value from your existing relationships”

What you will learn:

  1. A structured and systematic approach to managing key client and referrer relationships
  2. How to use these relationships to generate more work and more referrals
  3. How to make it easier to win new clients by building case studies and testimonials from existing clients and referrers

Which means:

  1. You will increase your profit by reducing your cost of sales because you won’t have to chase new clients using expensive and ineffectual ‘spray and pray’ marketing
  2. You will protect your existing relationships from aggressive and predatory competitors and increase your client retention rates
  3. You will make your business planning more robust by basing your marketing choices on what your clients want, not on guesswork and inertia

Bernard Savage’s career is a game of two halves and then Tenandahalf. In the first half, he worked in blue-chip companies Procter & Gamble and Shell. The second half led to Tenandahalf when after an in-house role at Eversheds Bernard saw an opportunity to help ’smarter’ professional service firms. Such firms understand that just having good technical practitioners isn’t enough to be commercially successful.

As a specialist Business Development agency helping professional service firms grow, Tenandahalf has worked over the last 15 years with more than 200 law firms, patent and trademark attorneys and barrister chambers’ throughout the UK and internationally. Tenandahalf helps practices of all sizes and profiles to improve the ‘top and bottom line’ through strategic and tactical support, group training, 1on1 coaching, creating content, and client research.


Alex Mackie

“Are we reacting to change or delivering a dynamic growth strategy?”

A look at the impact of the past 6 months and how decisions have been made and implemented. Considering what has changed from both an internal and external perspective, this talk will look at the positive changes that have come from the ‘new normal’ whilst also reflecting on how we can develop the medium to long-term strategies required to maintain growth.

A creative and strategic thinker, Alex Mackie is the Commercial Director of Tozers LLP. Tasked with developing and implementing the firm’s marketing and communications plans, he works alongside the firm’s leadership to deliver a growth strategy to build upon Tozers’ 200+ year history.

Prior to joining Tozers in 2019, Alex worked in Finance, travel, and the public sector. He is experienced in relationship management, team leadership, change delivery, operational and performance management, and coaching and development.

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