The Coronavirus pandemic is continuing to cost lives and livelihoods across the world. Many professional services firms have adapted to new restrictions, changing client demands, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

In our October conference, we looked at ideas and practices that professional services firms can implement to adapt to and even seize the new normal. But what about the people in the business? Your people are the backbone of your organisation and have played their part in keeping the business going through the pandemic. Added pressures – be they physical, mental, or financial – affect their wellbeing, and the impact on your business should not be underestimated.

At our event on Thursday 10th December, we explore ways that professional services firms can effectively look after their people, and in the process create an engaged, motivated, and resilient workforce.

You will learn:

  1. How a law firm has implemented a successful cultural change programme.
  2. Techniques and tips on how to increase motivation in an increasingly remote world.
  3. How to spot signs of burnout and why you need to engage with it now.
  4. How to increase senior partner and stakeholder buy-in.

And if that isn’t enough, you will also receive a refreshing Gin & Tonic in the post to enjoy during the networking element of the conference. When registering, please ensure that you include a postal address where you are able to receive the delivery in the lead up to the event.

The event will be run virtually via Remo and is supported by Network my Club.

Meet our speakers below.

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Joanna Kingston-Davies and Brian Cullen, MAPD Group

Implementing a successful cultural change programme

Brian Cullen is a different kind of CEO. Brian builds exceptional teams through his ability to see the best of the person and his instinct to empower them to see it in themselves.

Working internationally across a range of sectors, Brian has spent the last 25 years learning from others what works and what doesn’t. He has developed his own refreshing approach with an unequivocal focus on culture at the centre of everything he does.

His clear vision and ambition are communicated with raw honesty; he leads through his team with no desire to be front and centre and above all, he makes the journey fun!


Joanna Kingston-Davies is a different kind of COO. Named one of the UK’s 50 Leading Lights in Leadership and Kindness in 2019, Joanna brings encouragement, compassion, and a nurturing approach to her leadership that supports her team to deliver outstanding results.

She places huge value on emotional intelligence and is relentless in her pursuit of fairness and opportunity for others.

Having started her working life in Paris over 20 years ago, Joanna brings a perspective and energy to the way she works that tells her teams that they can and should bring their whole selves to work.

Benjamin Drury, the Culture Guy:

Humans not resources:  How to motivate and keep your team productive by being explicit about your culture

Benjamin Drury is obsessed with motivating and challenging organisations to be brilliant. He wants to encourage business to be built on a foundation of an inspiring mission, honest core values, and an audacious vision.

Ben is an entrepreneur, a very experienced coder, and a trained social worker. He truly understands people and cultures and is a dynamic, entertaining, and innovative speaker, who has honed his skills during 15 years of involvement in stage productions. He has worked touring with theatre companies, designing internet banks, writing and directing stage productions, developing and delivering leadership training courses, and building web applications.

During his talk, Ben will share his techniques and tips on how to motivate and keep teams productive in an increasingly remote world.

Leah Steele, Searching for Serenity:

Identifying Burnout

Leah is a mentor and trainer focused on helping professionals understand, manage, and reverse burnout, imposter syndrome, exhaustion, and stress.  Now a non-practising solicitor, Leah launched Searching for Serenity after experiencing her own issues with stress and burnout during her career as contentious probate and mental capacity solicitor.

In her talk, Leah will identify burnout behaviours and outline why it’s so important to engage with it now.

Nadia Biles Davies, Sharpe Pritchard

How to get partner buy-in – marketing internally and taking everyone on the journey together

As Sharpe Pritchard’s Chief Operating Officer, Nadia works with the senior leadership team to put into effect strategic people, operations, and marketing initiatives to meet the key aims of the business.

Following a successful career as a practising solicitor and law firm partner, Nadia uses her understanding of lawyers and law firms in practice to work with both legal and non-legal teams to drive operational excellence. She will share her experience and insights into how to get partner buy-in and why it’s so important to take everyone on the journey.

Nadia is the Vice-Chair of The Law Society’s Law Management Committee.

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