Giving your marketing campaign a seasonal boost can be a great way to show customers that your business has personality. So, Easter is no exception. Adding a consistent Easter theme throughout your online spaces creates a stronger brand unity. This will also help with any additional easter campaigns you may be running. These changes can be made to your logo, social media, website, newsletters, and even email signatures.

Get ready for Easter

With seasonal marketing campaigns, you need to be prepared. For most events, you can usually start using seasonal marketing messages about a month before the date. At Christmas however there now seems to be no limit but be sure you don’t annoy your audience by being too early, October is probably early enough. Organisation is key, you’ll need to post content in good time so that users have enough time to digest, engage and act on any messages you are broadcasting.

Engage with users

Something that makes seasonal marketing so successful is the fact that users are more willing to interact because of the excitement of the season. It is important that you engage back. Wish them a happy Easter or Christmas, this will help show the human side of your business.

Quirky ‘holidays’

The growth of the internet has seen an increase in odd ‘holidays’, such as barbershop quartet day. While some may be too quirky for your brand, others may actually have relevance to your business or industry. However strange they seem they can be useful for creating some humorous interactions with users. For example, ‘Be kind to your lawyer day’ could be used for a legal firm as it’s relevant to the business, while talking about jelly bean day may be less so. You’ll need to pick and choose as these things are regularly overkilled on social media. See below for a list of some quirky holidays!

List of Quirky Holidays

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