Social media is without doubt one of the most effective modern marketing tools of our age but with so much out there it is difficult getting yourself heard. It takes up valuable resources and unless you are using a strategic approach you could be wasting a lot of your time.

Thankfully here at Consortium we ♥ social media, whether we are creating a strategic plan, auditing or generating content. And because we ♥ it so much during February, we are offering to carry out a no obligation free social media audit for those that would like to improve their social media presence.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Social media audits
  • 3 levels of social media management
  • Strategy development
  • Content generation
  • Management & engagement
  • Short term campaigns
  • Training

Go to our website for more information on our Social Media Management Services or for a free no obligation audit of your social media please contact


“As novices in the world of social media, we have really valued the support and input from Consortium.  Jo has been brilliant at finding and writing the content when we have been short of time, so our presence stays fresh and relevant”

Anita Amies, Coole Bevis LLP

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