So this is a weird thing for a Director of a marketing agency to say right?

Wrong…we want our clients to get maximum value for any marketing that they do and sadly this is often not possible due to some simple internal process or changes that ought to be made BEFORE spending money on marketing, or more specifically advertising.

Time and time again we see that clients don’t follow up leads that they have had – quick win, follow up. Imagine if you could improve your conversion rate from 50% without follow up to 75% with? What would that do to your profit and turnover?

Where does your work come from – you have some way of recording this I presume. Sadly, often the answer is no…There is no point in advertising if you aren’t recording the source of your work.

So you have a client using you for one work area, you add them to a database to sell additional services…? No? Did you know that it costs 5x as much to attract a new client that retain an existing?

These are just a few areas that we come across a lot with businesses, we can help in these areas by training, so follow up becomes second nature and a comfortable thing to do.

We can also help with recording sources by suggesting and working with you to find systems that make this easy.

Finally, marketing to your existing database is a must, sending an e-shot or a newsletter is free vs an advert that relies on someone seeing it at the point they need your service or product.

Once all of these internal processes/activities are in place you are ready to look outside for new business and again you will be amazed how much can be done for free!

I am happy to talk to anyone about their business and how they could tweak things to make more from existing clients and how to generate new ones. Contact

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