Telemarketers are definitely viewed as the pests of today’s business world. From the moment you arrive to the second you leave work, there will always be at least three phone calls regarding telephone networks, recruitment and why the caller’s company is better than your current provider.

However, is it just because of the way that these telemarketers speak to us over the phone that causes our brains to instantly shut down and immediately express our lack of interest? Or is it because they don’t address us in the right manner and don’t speak to us how we expect to be spoken to as human beings?

I strongly believe it’s the latter. Telemarketers just seem to pick up their script, clear their throat, and blurt out ten thousand words in a matter of seconds as if they were a machine built to solely speak as fast as possible. This plays a major part in the dismissal of telemarketers; people want to be spoken to like a person, not like a robot. The moment a telemarketer starts to speak without thought and at a fast pace the user on the other end will instantly shut down and simply terminate the call. This is no help to the telemarketer or to the user on the other end of the phone, the telemarketer has lost a potential sale and the end user could’ve missed out on something that may have saved their business money or benefited their company in a different way. 

Now you know what puts off a telemarketers audience, it’s time to learn the essentials on how to master telemarketing.

The first step to succeeding as a telemarketer is to prepare, prepare and prepare! Learn about the type of product or service you’re trying to sell, find out about the benefits of your product or service in comparison to your competitors. Find out what differentiates your product or service from all of the other companies but also find out about your business, what are their core values, sell the company to the prospect not just the product or service.

Most telemarketing companies will provide their employees with a script, this isn’t a bad thing as the content is usually good. However, it is essential as a telemarketer that you don’t sound rehearsed, the moment the user thinks you are reading from a script they will turn off because they know that you have said those exact words to hundreds of other people. I guess my main tip for reading a script is to personalise it, make yourself comfortable reading it so that you don’t sound rehearsed at all, add your own phrases and sentences in there to make it a bit more diverse, use it as more of a prompt or checklist for getting your points across. This  leads me on perfectly to my next key tip for success in telemarketing. Show confidence and let the prospect hear it in your voice, if you’re confident over the phone it gives off a positive message to the end user. It gives off the message that you are proud to be calling from the company you work for, this helps to put the customer’s mind at ease, knowing you’re calling from a legitimate company and not just trying to scam them.

To conclude this article, telemarketing doesn’t need to be as hard as everyone perceives it. Simply follow the key tips provided in this article and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful telemarketer. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be loved by everyone but you certainly won’t be hated by everyone either; can we change the way telemarketers are perceived?


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