There is no doubt that an effective content marketing campaign will increase organic traffic to your website. To get the maximum ROI on your constant marketing campaign takes a lot of planning and use of resources. With the ever increasing pressure on marketing budgets how can you make sure you are getting the best return? Well firstly, make sure you aren’t doing anything that is going to hamper the success of your campaign.

Here is a list of the common pitfalls of content marketing

Making the focus about getting links.

While content marketing is an excellent tool for getting links and therefore driving traffic to your site. Content should be written for the reader not the search engine. Good content will naturally attract links but you should focus your content on building your brand and developing relationships with your audience

Lack of collaboration with social and/or PR .

Crafting great content and then hiding it away on your blog will only get you part of the way. Your content must be shared on your social media platforms. Social media can grow the circulation of your content and good content will grow your social media following. They are a symbiotic relationship that needs to be worked on together. Equally make sure any good newsworthy content is shared with your PR channels. Press releases whether on line or in print still work hard to build your brand – the traffic will come naturally as a result.

Unwillingness to produce non-commercial content.

It’s so tempting to write about how great your company or your products are. Avoid the temptation of self promotion. It will only turn your readers off. Instead look for creative ways to present your products or services through problem solving case studies.

Targeting the wrong channels.

Different social channels appeal to different audiences be sure you are using the right platform to reach your customers but don’t get complacent, popularity of platforms changes and new platforms are arriving all the time. Be sure to watch out for emerging trends.

Not doing enough planning before launching a campaign.

This is probably the biggest pitfall of ALL marketing activity. Research and planning should form the bulk of your activity for content marketing. Once you get that right your content should flow and start bringing traffic in.

Not focusing attention on influencers and media.

Identify influencers in your chosen area, write content that they will appreciate and they will promote it for you. The same goes for media, write content in a style that is sympathetic to the medium you are using. A stuffy over technical piece will not go down well if shared through Facebook.

Failure to understand that it’s about relationships with your target audience

While content marketing is a great tool for SEO, this should be a by-product not your focus. Write engaging useful content that your audience will actually want. If your content either helps them or entertains them they will come back for more building your relationship with them and strengthening your brand.

Well we have giving you a list of common pitfalls of content marketing to avoid but if you would like help creating a content marketing campaign the right way please give us a call 01903 530787 or email us.

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