If the consensus in your business is that telemarketing is the same as telesales, think again. You don’t have to be outwardly selling something to bring benefits to your brand. Telemarketing is the most direct way to connect to existing and potential customers – quickly. What tricks are you missing?

With legislators cracking down hard on annoying cold calls, you may think any form of telephone contact with your target audience is dead. That simply isn’t true in business and, to demonstrate, here are some great examples of how good marketing tactics can work in a simple call.

Use telemarketing for after-sales

Using telemarketing for after sales makes sense. It is personal and it shows you, as a business, care about your customers. Whatever products or services you sell, you can follow up with a call to check that:

  • The customer is happy
  • They have everything they need going forward (i.e. if they didn’t want an extended warranty or additional service, has the situation changed?). You can quickly run them through the options, while taking note of their feedback.

A well as being direct, telemarketing is cost-effective – much cheaper than a follow-up visit, for example. It can also help you effectively gauge customer satisfaction levels.

The easy way to boost customer retention

If your business works in the B2B sphere or a niche market, telemarketing is an effective way to boost brand loyalty. Staying in touch with good customers and keeping them personally informed of any changes or special offers is great for customer retention – and sales. It helps you build a rapport with clients that you would not be able to achieve through emails or automated online marketing.

Telemarketing is ideal for charities, event organisers and not-for-profit organisations that need to raise awareness or keep supporters onboard. If your database includes brands that have previously supported what you do, or shown an interest, telemarketing can help to boost sponsorship and/or attendance at events. Having a real person talk them through the benefits of getting involved is more likely to garner a positive response than an impersonal flyer or social media post.

Telemarketing and user generated content

Reviews and testimonials are everything in fast-paced markets. That is why having conversations with customers directly is so important. Telemarketing, when combined with after sales, can iron out any niggles and reduce the chances of negative feedback being posted on your own or a third-party website. A good telemarketer will encourage anyone with a positive experience to leave a review or write a testimonial that can be shared across multiple mediums.

There are lots of other ways that telemarketing can boost your brand. Consider it for product launches, surveys, lead generation and for booking appointments. A good telemarketer will understand the tone of voice that best suits your brand so that, when reading from a script, they reflect your values and support your brand identity

Written by Becky Sharp, co-founder of The Network Exposure Group, specialists in telemarketing.

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