Friday 24th March 2017, 06.20AM. As usual there it was again, the long winded sound of a broken siren going off in my ear, which of course could only be one thing, the dreaded alarm clock! Although I don’t mind getting up early anymore, I enjoy my job, so the noise of a broken siren was the pleasant sign of a new exciting day.

Today was especially exciting as I had a networking event to attend accompanied by a full English breakfast which was waiting for me at The Burlington Hotel in Worthing hosted by Adur & Worthing Chamber of Commerce. The Worthing Chamber of Commerce focuses on bringing new, upcoming and established companies from the local area together for networking events. This gives the companies that attend the opportunity to communicate with other local businesses from different industries and see whether they can help one another out.

Today’s breakfast event included some professional talks from various individuals, based on a few different topics. One of the main focus points of today’s event were the local grants that are available for small businesses, the title being ‘Small Business Grants’. The Worthing council was granted £71,000 by the government. This grant is intended for local micro businesses and is to be delegated to companies that can prove it will go to good use in order to help grow their company. In terms of how the grant scheme works, it is on a match fund basis. This means that ‘The Small Business Grant’ scheme will match the exact amount of money put in by the company, up to £2500. For example, if a business wanted to purchase £2000’s worth of new computer equipment to cater for new staff, the grant scheme would give the business £1000 and the business would be required to match that with £1000 from their own capital.

There is a level of criteria that must be met by businesses applying for the grant, all of the required information can be found at the following link:

If your business meets the criteria, you can apply for the grant at the following link:            

Government Grants for Small Businesses

In conclusion, ‘The Small Business Grant’ scheme is a great way for new and upcoming businesses to receive extra help alongside expert advice, there is a proven successful record throughout businesses that have applied and received government grants and free professional advice. Support is out there to help develop, grow and improve YOUR company, so why not use it?

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