January is a great time for reflection and setting goals. It is a natural fresh start and ideal for carrying out a marketing audit. A marketing audit should always be carried out as part of your strategic plan and we suggest you revisit your plan regularly making sure you are on track and your objectives are still in line with your company wants and needs. But on top of that we recommend that you audit your marketing activities and your companies position in the market place as often as practical.

So January being a good time to look at this we thought we would share our presentation to help you on your way. The slide show gives you all the headings and topics you should be reviewing to give you an accurate picture of where you are now and also a strategic look at where you want to be.

For a closer look at your marketing activities we can refer you back to our post How to carry out a marketing audit. And because us Marketeers are always going on about measurement- how about taking a look at your PR Campaigns with PR – Measuring What Matters and of course my favourite Why you should be using Google Analytics.

If you are looking for a more in depth and objective look at your marketing talk to us about carrying out an audit or creating a complete marketing strategy. Call 01903 530787 or email us.


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