So during January you were eager to set all you personal and business goals for the year but now you find real life is getting in the way of your schedule making time management your biggest challenge. Everyone has their own little tips on how to help manage your time ( not that we all stick to it all of the time).

When I’m disciplined my time management is great. Everything is planned within an inch of its life, to the extent that even I can see that this level of control is impractical let alone healthy. The result is I’m poorly equipped to deal with the ad hoc crisis. I deal with the issue in hand ok, but how it leaves me feeling is the problem. The fact these little ad hoc issues disrupt my beautiful time table leave me feeling somewhat out of sorts.

The rigid planning I love so much, actually causes the stress I plan to avoid. I still stick to ‘my planning is key’ mantra but build in some flexibility for the little surprises.

Ad hoc surprises are not the only time stealers you have to deal with, As I said everyone has their own time management tips but here are a few websites that I particularly like.


Time stealers – and how to deal with them! from Take One Step The ‘attempting too much’ is particularly apt for me.

The Top 3 Daily Time-Wasters & How To Tame them from Behance. Cutting down on social media is tricky for us being a Marketing Agency with a specialism in social media but certainly can help in life outside work.

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work from Entrepreneur. Some good practical tips and if you are too busy to read it there is a nice little video to watch 😉


Or see below for Consortium’s tips

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