In part 2 of our series of Tips & Tricks for creating visually exciting and engaging social media, we are looking at the different types of visual content you can create to present your content ideas.

Types of visual content

Thankfully there are lots of different types of visual content that you can use to present your content ideas.


Choose arresting images causes the viewer to stop and take a second look. If sharing links from your own website make sure the most appropriate pictures are set as the featured image. This will help when sharing directly to social media. Alternatively, make sure you create a bank of good quality images that you can have quick access to.

visually engaging social media


Moving images are the next step in visual content. Who hasn’t lost an hour or two wrapped up in cute cat videos? But video doesn’t have to be tricky. Convert a PowerPoint display to video or string together some relevant still images. With the auto-play features of Facebook moving images catch the attention of the casual viewer.

visually engaging social media

Infographics & Comics

If the brain processes visual data faster than the written word, the infographic and comic strip are the Ferrari of visual content.

exciting social media graphics

Data & Screenshots

As with infographics the brain processes these sorts of images faster. Illustrations and graphical representations act as ‘visual stops’ catching the eye’s attention combine this with useful information and you create a winning post.

infographics in social media

Memes & hand written notes

The combination of an exciting image with inspiring quotes or facts demand attention and are easily shared. They are often a good way of projecting your brand’s sentiment and personality. Images of hand written notes or annotations resonate deeper with the viewer.

hand written memes in social media

Tips & Tricks for creating visually exciting & engaging social media – Part 1 Content Ideas

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