In parts 1 and 2 of our Tips & tricks for creating visually exciting and engaging social media we looked at content ideas and then the types of content you could create to present your ideas. We now turn our attention to design


The most amateur of photographs can become a kitsch iconic image with the application of a retro filter such as ‘Chromatic’. Experiment with different filters, frames, and opacities to find a look that reflects your brand.

social media design tips

Colour Palettes

Choosing an appropriate colour palette to reflect the nature of your post help set the mood. Complimentary colours are easy on the eye and help the brain assimilate the information. Ensure the palettes you choose are in keeping with your brand and company font families are used.

social media design tips

Grids & Cropping

By using grid templates with well-proportioned images and borders, you can create a professional-looking image in minutes. Clever or unusual cropping of an average-looking image will bring the subject to life.

social media design tips


Use images that create emotional reactions. Create original images that illustrate your brand story and bring it to life. Don’t shy away from stock images they can save you time and money if you need a specific shot. Good Creative commons or Royalty-free images can be found on sites such as photopin and flickr. If you are going to ‘borrow’ images always make sure you give credit to the original source.

social media design tips

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