Tips for using Linkedin – Things you should be doing;-

1. Advertise openings for any new employees that you might need on Linkedin, there are lots of good people out there and you can get someone who is known to you through your network and save on agency costs.

2. Talk about an event you are attending or have attended to encourage involvement and/or questions about what you learned there.

3. Mention companies or people who have helped you, they might also be able to help your contacts, and then you have done them a favour by advertising for them and you have done your contacts a favour by saving them money or improving their business.

4. Share links to articles and websites that you think your contacts might find interesting.

5. Ask the network questions that interest you, they are intelligent business people and so their advice is valuable. A short question could easily get many replies and you could get a good insight into your question.

6. Click the thumbs up on any posts you find interesting or relevant, doing this shares the post with your whole network so that they can read it too. This is a quick and easy way of sharing interesting information.

7. If you’re trying to get a new job, don’t post that on LinkedIn, it will look too eager, instead post updates about what interviews you’re going to and what companies you have contacted so far.

8. Reciprocate any interaction which you receive on linked in, show your contacts that they are important and that you appreciate their interest in you.

More tips for using Linkedin – Now for the Don’ts:-

1. Don’t do the same kind of status updates on LinkedIn as you would do on Facebook, these posts aren’t going to your family and friends but business contacts, only share what you think will be interesting to your contacts, and keep it professional.

2. Repeating the same advertising for a product, either yours or someone else’s. If all you are doing is repeating the same advert then people aren’t going to want to follow you and read your posts, again, your posts have to be interesting to the people who are reading them, it’s okay to promote things but do be careful how you do it.

3. Keep all the wording professional. There is a certain way you present yourself when you’re in business mode, and this needs to be how you present yourself on LinkedIn. Even if you are posting something completely relevant and very interested to all of your contacts, if you swear or sound too casual it still won’t go down well.

4. Linking your LinkedIn to your Twitter can be beneficial because it means you don’t have to think about different things to say on each platform, and you don’t have to manually write everything on LinkedIn that is written on Twitter. However, remember that most people tweet often then they’d want to update LinkedIn, so be careful to check that only the best and most relevant tweets are being sent to your LinkedIn page.

5. Don’t let your Twitter is connected to your LinkedIn let you get lazy with LinkedIn, having your Twitter update there will keep your LinkedIn updated, but don’t forget that your LinkedIn needs more than thoughts, ideas and the occasional link, it needs to be updated in ways that Twitter alone just won’t do!

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