TMetric is a work time tracker ideal for agencies, freelancers or indeed anyone that wishes to keep track of how they spend their time. Its simple dashboard allows you to set up multiple projects and clients and also allows you to tag different types of work.

The reporting function is clear and concise giving an at a glance view of how you and your team members are spending the time.

If required, you can use it to keep track of client spend or indeed the salaries of your team. Particularly useful if you use freelancers working on ad hoc projects.

TMetric has dozens of integrations with popular task management apps like Trello, JIRA, Todoist, Wunderlist, RedMine and can also link with your Gmail, so you can track time spent actioning any email requests.

We have tried several systems for time recording but TMetric has been by far the simplest, but it still allows us to get the level of data we need to manage our clients effectively. There are several subscription levels, but all are very reasonably priced. However, you may find the free account is sufficient for your needs.

Using TMetric in conjunction with Trello, Gmail and Google Calendar, will give you a cost-effective overall project management and reporting tool that would help most businesses.

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