With social media it is all about two way conversation but that can be quite difficult to start off with. You need to build up sufficient followers and to get that you have to have really good engaging content.

What you mustn’t do it make it all about you and certainly keep the hard sell to some of the other sales channels. To keep your content interesting and give a broad view it is important to share other peoples’ content. Gathering enough content to feed the ever hungry social media platforms can be challenging and as we always say the more effort you put into it the better content you will get out of it. There are however some good tools for 3rd party content generation that you can use to help save you some time.

 Here are my Top 5 favourite Tools for 3rd Party Content generation

  1. Google Alerts – Free for any one with a Google account can use and possibly the simplest to set up. Simply put in your keywords and Google will monitor the web for any new content with mentions of your keywords. The downside is it can be very prolific and careful sifting of the content suggestions has to be done to find the real gems.
  2. Feedly – In their own words “organise, read and share what matters to you”. This tool allows you to follow blogs and publications etc. from any of your favourite writers in a very organised and searchable way. A useful tool even if you aren’t looking for content to share.
  3.  Scoop-it – A social media platform in its own right but also a content curation site. Scoop-it allows you to curate content based on your keywords and your favourite sources. You create boards on different subjects which can also have followers (other scoop-it users). It has some great features like being able to connect your social media profiles so you can share content directly and the paid for version allows you to create newsletters based on your curated content.
  4. Paper.li – Again another content curation site which allows you create newspaper style pages based on the types of content you want to find. It can be a powerful tool and like Scoop-it sites can get their own followers but I like to use it purely for pulling together content sources for my own use.
  5. Trusted Sources You will naturally have your own personal sources which you return to again and again.OK not really a tool but probably the best source of 3rd party content.

For example:

  • Trade publications
  • Twitter lists
  • Specific Twitter users
  • Industry blogs
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • Scientific journals

The chances are if you find the content interesting so will your audience. But share carefully always thank the original source or display the appropriate attribution. Sharing 3rd party content is not a quick fix to fill you content timetable. It should add value and should be created strategically. Good content whether your own original or 3rd party content takes time to get the maximum return.


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