Twitter rolls out 280 character limit – what’s it all about?

Twitter has confirmed that the increased character limit of 280 will now be rolled out to users worldwide. This move follows a trial with a smaller user group last September which Twitter had hoped would lead to users being able to express themselves better, without being restricted by the original 140 character count.

Common practice to date has been to edit posts, sometimes repeatedly, until the content could be conveyed within the 140 character limit. When this was not an option, users would continue tweets in subsequent posts by adding 1/3 etc.

Twitter users are now able to use the increased allowance in all countries except for China, Japan and Korea as these languages convey more meaning within single characters.

How did Twitter users react?

Whilst the larger character count was initially met with the usual scepticism in the form of witty tweets, Twitter believe it will enable the users to say what they want to say, faster than before.

Twitter rolls out 280 character limit

Twitter rolls out 280 character limit


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