In a previous post we wrote about using your company history as a marketing tool to demonstrate your reliability and authority as a well-established company. Using marketing materials from a bygone age to stimulate nostalgia often helps to strengthen brand loyalty. However, as you move forward your company milestones and events are equally important to share and help form your brand identity.

Obviously, you can write about your achievements, it is always nice to share how well you as a company are doing but some of the subtler milestones can add depth and personality to your brand.

Whatever market sector you work in there will always be events that can be celebrated and give you something to talk about.

Some examples of milestones you should be sharing include:


You company’s, your staff’s or even your customers’. Celebrating staff anniversaries demonstrates to your clients as well as your staff how valued your team members are. Long-serving staff provide consistency of service to clients and announcing anniversaries will subtly tell your clients you are a stable well-established company. The arrival of babies or even a new office dog will add personality to your brand.

Using an anniversary as a reason to thank your clients, suppliers and staff by holding a party will often be received better than just inviting people to attend a standard hospitality event.

Helping a cause, for e.g. charity

As well as announcing events like dress-down days and bake-offs, be sure to announce other fundraising milestones like the first £1000 raised and a round-up of the year’s activity. It will help the charity with raising their profile, help give you some positive PR and encourage the staff to get more involved.


Celebrate getting your five hundredth client or your 5 thousandth follower on Twitter. The numbers aren’t important, just announcing them shows you care and demonstrates your success.

New Premises

Nothing says success more than moving into new shiny premises but just giving your office a make-over showing the before and after shots will achieve the same result. On the flip side announcing your 10-year anniversary in the office will again demonstrate how stable you are as an organisation.

Think outside the box

If you really don’t have anything obvious and your brand allows it, start thinking outside the box for more quirky things to celebrate. Celebrate how many days the team has gone without biscuits in January. How many times the Boss has made the tea? (By the way Lara is very good at making the tea, and it’s quite often accompanied by cake!). Your only limit is your imagination. Conscious solutions use milestones in a fun way to their full advantage, mixing cakes taken to clients along with other more traditional business statistics.

Using Company Milestones to Market Your Business

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