This blog covers the various activities undertaken in a fairly typical week as a Marketing Apprentice at Consortium Business Solutions. Whether you’re looking to become a Marketing Apprentice, looking to recruit one, or just curious about what Apprentices get up to, please feel free to read on – I hope you enjoy it!


Monday –

The day started off with liaising with staff at the venue for our new Ladies Lunch Club networking event in Surrey. Administration for the lunches is a big part of what I do, and it requires a lot of planning and time management to make it run smoothly. These are both skills which I think I have vastly improved on during my time at Consortium.

A little while later, I received a call from Jo, our Marketing Manager, saying that she needed me to post something to one of our client’s social media pages which she was managing. An unplanned delay on our clients’ part meant that the posts needed to go out that day even though Jo was out. Our work often includes a certain amount of improvisation, since not everything goes completely to plan all the time – however we are always prepared to meet these challenges. This is another skill which being at Consortium has helped me develop and grow more confident in.

The day also consisted of updating the sponsor and venue of the lunch due to be held tomorrow in Tunbridge Wells, as well as printing name badges, finishing a tutorial in how to manage e-newsletters, and creating screenshots of a client’s website to be used on a ‘before and after’ showcase of their new website.


Tuesday –

Today I accompanied Lara on her way to the Ladies Lunch Club in Tunbridge Wells. We had set up a meeting between our Graphic Designer Rosie & I to discuss Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as training with some clients on how to create E-Newsletters.

This was the first time I’ve trained someone outside of the company, so I was a little nervous and wanted to ensure that I had prepared sufficiently so that the training could go as smoothly as possible. However as it turned out, the session was very straightforward since the clients had been more prepared than I thought. This goes to show how certain tasks can seem more daunting than they actually are, and can be tackled with good planning.

I also managed to learn a lot about Creative Cloud from Rosie, as well as get some work done remotely from the client’s office – replying to attendees about today’s Ladies Lunch via email, creating an invite for a future Ladies Lunch Club using Mailchimp (an email marketing service that we use to send a lot of our email communication), and finishing a bit of blog writing.


Wednesday –

Wednesday is when I have my half-day release for college each week during term time. One of the great things about going to college every week is the chance to learn not only from the college tutors about Marketing, but also to be able to talk to other students in the class to get a better understanding of how they apply Marketing theory in their business. This provides a great opportunity to broaden my understanding of Marketing and perhaps develop new ideas which I can apply at Consortium.

The course is quite intensive, often with around 4-6 lessons for each unit, with an exam at the end or a piece of coursework to submit. There are a wide variety of topics covered by the course, including Advertising and Promotion, Content Marketing, Stakeholder Relationships and more. The course is flexible in that the students can go at a pace that suits them, and there are regular reviews by tutors to keep track of students’ progress. Today we were preparing for an upcoming exam on Search Engine Optimisation.

I usually get back to the office with around two and a half hours left at the end of the day. I managed to complete some more blog writing, and also create social media posts for both an existing client and a new client.


Thursday –

An important skill in being a Marketing Apprentice at Consortium is being able to keep track of on-going and long-term projects, such as monthly social media schedules, newsletters, blogs, and various administrative duties for the Ladies Lunch Clubs.

Today involved working on a lot of these kinds of tasks. I prompted our Ladies Lunch sponsors to send us content for our monthly newsletter that would go out at the end of the month, since we have to allow enough time for them to be able to write their content but also to fit the task into their already busy schedules.

Social Media schedules are another task which requires keeping track of a number of requirements that have to be completed at specific times. Our latest client required us to begin work on social media right away, but we usually have to have the content approved by the client before posting it, and there are sometimes other factors which need to be considered (such as paid-for promotion, competitions, adapting social media to different platforms, sourcing royalty-free images to go with posts, and so on).

Other tasks completed during the day included adding new business cards to the database, working on newsletters for clients, updating Mailchimp with new contacts, and creating social media images.


Friday –

As a Marketing Apprentice, I sometimes receive tasks that have a deadline to be completed by the end of the day, or sometimes even within a few hours on some occasions. When this happens it’s important to be able to make a quick judgement about which tasks need to be prioritised over others.

Today I needed to send an invitation to some of our contacts in Brighton about an upcoming ‘First Friday Lunch Club’ networking event. Since the event was fairly soon, we needed to make sure that the invite went out promptly so that the recipients would still have time to book places. This meant prioritising the task ahead of a number of ongoing tasks which I was working on, but I managed to complete the invite and send it out fairly quickly. Learning to prioritise well can be a bit of a learning process especially for someone just starting out, and many of us still don’t do it perfectly one hundred percent of the time, but over time judgement does become a lot better.

Another large part of what I do involves creating and editing images to be used for various purposes, such as social media and newsletters. We mostly use an online graphic design platform called Canva which is very simple and easy to use, although I have recently started to get to grips with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in order to create more advanced designs. Today I designed a collage for a recent charity fundraising Golf Day, to be used on a postcard for one of our clients.

The day’s tasks also included creating and sending a Ladies Lunch invite, finding royalty-free images to be used on a client’s Instagram, starting on an Eshot for a client, scheduling social media, and planning the details of a Facebook competition for a client.


Hopefully this blog has given you some insight into what it’s like to be a Marketing Apprentice at a Marketing Agency. The tasks that I get to do on a daily basis, whether that be training other people, designing various media, or event management, have enabled me to develop a lot of useful skills that can be applied across a range of jobs, as well as provide me with a great introduction to working at a Marketing Agency. For anyone considering applying to become a Marketing Apprentice, or if anyone is wondering whether to hire one, I would highly recommend it!


If you would like any help with your Marketing, or you have any more questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 01903 530787.

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