Events and seminars can be a powerful marketing tool for accountants, especially with significant changes such as Making Tax Digital or Capital Gains Tax due to take place. Even though today’s customers are sophisticated, they still want to find out about upcoming changes and how they will impact them. They also want to be sure that their accountant is the best at what they do. And what better way to tell them than by putting on a seminar?

Here are the 5 reasons why accountants should hold their own events and seminars

  • Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge

One of the key deciding factors when it comes to choosing an accountant is their expertise and knowledge on a range of different topics. In addition, clients want to feel reassured that their accountant is up to date with the latest legislative changes, to ensure that they can provide the best specialist advice. Addressing new topics as soon as possible (ideally before your competitors) will position your firm as a thought-leading expert firm.

  • Attract new clients

Running a seminar on a topic that appeals not only to your existing customers, but also their peers and wider contacts, means that you can tap into a whole new audience. Publicise the event with plenty of notice through your website, social media and e-shots, and get strategic partners such as chambers of commerce or referral partners to promote the event to their clients. A seminar will give the opportunity to explain what your firm’s value proposition is, which – combined with a solid follow up procedure in place can lead to new clients for your accountancy business.

  • Added value for existing clients

Your existing clients will appreciate getting added value by being informed and educated about new topics. Different customers suit different communication channels, so whilst someone may not like receiving lots of information by letter or in an email, they might prefer to learn and engage in person, during a seminar.

  • Building relationships

Despite the rise of digital communications, the best way to build and maintain relationships is still to meet someone face to face. Taking the time to answer attendees’ questions either as part of a Q&A, or by offering to speak to people individually after the seminar might start a conversation which can ultimately turn into a new client, or get an existing client to stay. By inviting along strategic partners or suppliers you are not only presenting a different view of the topic, but you are also helping cement those all important relationships.

  • Make introductions

Whether you choose to have speakers from other organisations or not, seminars provide the ideal opportunity to network and make introductions between attendees – if there’s a perceived mutual benefit. Many enjoy speaking to other business leaders in the same or other industries to exchange best practice and get further insight.


Running seminars needn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Event booking platforms such as Eventbrite are often free and very user-friendly, helping manage attendee lists and sending out communications.

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