Well, hopefully your firm has a marketing strategy or plan. This will cover what the businesses marketing objectives are but it’s at a relatively high level. In order to help bring a marketing plan into reality, it is assisted by the team having individual marketing plans which feed into the whole.

What so many people forget is to ensure that you have your own personal marketing plan –  and not only for your own career progression. In order for the company to reach its goals, each team member needs to know their own personal objectives to help make that happen.

An example could be:

Business objective – to double social media reach

Personal objective – to become more active on social media, posting to each platform at least once a week

The figures above are purely for illustrative purposes, of course you may already post daily, in which case it may be to engage more online or to increase your connections/followers.

Your personal marketing plan is so much more than just the above though. In your personal plan you will deal with ‘Brand you’ – what your mission statement/beliefs are. This could be interesting if they do not align with your business’ and could help identify where some work needs to be done.

Your personal marketing plan can also cover development objectives that you wish to achieve. For example, if your business wanted to develop a new area of work your plan could include training in this area.

If you research this topic most of the information is around the plan being for your career progression and whilst I agree with this in part, I think it has wider benefits than this. It needs to not only consider yourself and where you want to be, but where your goals sit with the objectives of the business as a whole. That’s where the real difference can be made!

For more reading on this subject, including helpful templates and examples, check out this link – https://www.examples.com/business/personal-marketing-plan.html

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