Why should you keep marketing your business even when you are busy?

As a marketing agency it is frustrating when we come across a potential client, that we know we can help, but are told ‘we are so busy, business is great we don’t need to do any marketing!’

It is often hard for business owners to see the value of ongoing marketing when the sales are coming in. But the one thing we be sure of in these modern political times is – change. So what if there is a major market change, will they have the necessary marketing muscle to ride out the storm? It is generally accepted that those companies that don’t cut their marketing budgets during recessions are the ones that survive or even grow their way out into recovery.

So, to try and explain why you should keep marketing your business, even when you are busy we have put together this blog post.

While researching this piece I came across some great text – Marketing is food, not medicine.

In other words marketing is the nourishment you need to keep your business healthy, it’s not just a quick medicine to apply when things are going wrong. An athlete doesn’t sit on the sofa and eat junk food all day and expect to keep in peak physical condition and you too should be employing a great marketing regime to keep your business healthy.

So why should you keep marketing your business even when you are busy?

Every business is different but consider the time span of your conversions. How long does it take your business development team to find, nurture and convert  prospects? You are busy now but need to market to keep filling your pipelines.

You need to keep the momentum going. The old adage of ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’ couldn’t be more fitting. Keep those sales coming in, staff will be engaged and morale will grow. There is a huge difference between being so busy because the work is flying in and the business growing, to being busy trying to get the business to survive. Not to mention that clients find reassurance in using a company who is perceived as being successful.

Use this busy time to gather as many client testimonials as possible. You may think you don’t have time right now but it is much harder to get a client to agree retrospectively.

Marketing prevents ‘reputation rot’. Your clients will know of your reputation as it stands now. Perceptions don’t change even though you may be developing as a company and going from strength to strength. You need to keep telling them of your successes or the way you are changing.

Marketing helps to  shape your customer base as your needs change. By bringing in more potential business than you need gives you lots of options. You can be more picky about the jobs you accept. It allows you to go for the more profitable projects or enables you to choose the work you find most enjoyable. Ultimately it gives you the chance to grow…

Continued marketing secures your company future. As we mentioned at the top of this post, the only thing you can predict is change. A strong pipeline will give you good foundations, while a flexible and responsive marketing function will help you adapt to market changes.

If you are lucky enough to have a marketing budget, spend it to give your company a boost. If you don’t, when budgets are allocated, marketing may be reduced. Seeing your company promoted builds staff engagement, enthusiasm and gives them a sense of pride. Your shareholders and other stakeholders will see your management team as proactive and forward thinking.

Continuing to market yourselves will enable you to give back to the community. While you have the volume of sales you need, you possibly have  capacity to consider giving someone much needed work experience or shift your marketing to more PR based activity and support local charities.

So you still think you have got all the business that you want? Do you have happy customers and happy staff – great news….however, this is not the end of your business journey but a milestone from which you can move forward.

So keep feeding your business the good stuff and sprint into continued business success.

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