Why Submit to Legal Directories?

You may have reservations about taking the time to submit to the legal directories, however, taking that time could bring many benefits.


Showing Off

Show case your best work and skills. Being in the directory will display your expertise and top lawyers.


Useful Exercise

The preparation needed to create a submission  can create a useful document that can be used on your website, pitch document or as case studies.


Be recognised for your expertise

By being listed in a directory you can broaden your potential client target list. Some clients and businesses won’t even consider using a lawyer who is not ranked.


Attract Top Talent

Attract the best recruits to your firm. Being ranked in the legal directories gives a vote of confidence to a prospective applicant looking to join your firm.


Improved Strategic Marketing and Business Development Plans

Base your rolling strategic marketing and business development plan on the content the directories are asking for (work you have and are undertaking, core sectors & specialisms, challenges and problems you are overcoming for clients, case studies, testimonials etc.).


Evaluate Your Position in The Market

Understand your position in the market, get the inside scoop on what other firms are doing and all the while get a credible third-party endorsement.



Submitting to the legal directories is something to get conversations going with clients, referrers and experts. Comments and quotes can also be used to add to your marketing content.

There are countless benefits to both submitting and being listed in the legal directories. If the process seems just too daunting for you then we offer various packages to help support you, from some initial training to get you started right through to taking on the submission for you. Find out more here.

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