WIX VS WordPress – Guest post by Callum Carter, intern

WIX vs WordPress is a common decision when building websites, but which is better? When I asked colleagues at Consortium Business Solutions their opinion on website builders, they basically said that they love WordPress… Now, as a novice website builder, I haven’t had a huge amount of experience. Having only used WordPress and WIX and it’s fair to say I am definitely on team WIX at the moment.

Something I believe WordPress does have going for it is the huge number of templates it has. While the number of templates WIX has doesn’t even compare to WordPress, it doesn’t need to at the same time. Because of the flexibility of WIX templates you can change every aspect of the site until it’s perfect. This is partly due to the drag and drop nature of WIX. Something that makes it very popular for those who aren’t too tech-savvy (myself included), as there’s no need to work in code.

Something I have never been able to get on with on WordPress is the fact you have to use plugins all the time. Whereas with WIX you can easily insert most features with a few clicks. With WordPress, you’ll need a plugin for SEO, a shop, and almost everything other than generic photos, videos, and text. However, I’ve heard that once you get all the plugins downloaded on WordPress the features are slightly better. My opinion on it is that WIX is just so much more user-friendly if you’re a novice so from that perspective I think WIX has to be the winner…

The Verdict

I think the advice has to be that if you’re a beginner just use WIX. The drag and drop are so easy, you don’t need to use code. There’s no need for plugins and if you get stuck you can ring WIX help team, something WordPress doesn’t offer. I think the thing that has steered me away from WordPress for years is the fact I hate the generic boxy websites that people make. And really, they are probably the people who should be using WIX instead.


As a lasting thought, if you can manage to make something good with WordPress then fair play to you. You’re probably a much better website builder than I am. But if you can only make something extremely average with it, THEN JUST USE WIX!


If you can’t use either WIX or WordPress and want us to create a website for you, please call us on 01903 530787 or email Lara.

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