Day 1)

Despite only having been at consortium for half a day, I’m really enjoying it. I love the creative aspects behind my tasks such as designing motivational memes for the company and researching up on companies in LinkedIn to reach conclusions.

I started by creating a LinkedIn profile about myself and some achievements, I then wrote out a piece about my recent completion of Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze) award, where I spoke about what I enjoyed, found tough, and what I will change for silver. Furthermore, I’m beginning to understand the world of work in a much more in-depth basis. I’m not sure if it’s everywhere that the people are as nice as they are here, but I totally hope so.

My aims and ambitions for this week have been to get a better understanding of what it’s like to work genuinely, and figure out why people dislike the idea of working so much, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s a lot better than being at school!

I loved looking to profiles on LinkedIn and realising it’s a brilliant place to go job searching in the near future. LinkedIn has so many ways to be approached, and many different ways to go about, It’s brilliant!

My favourite aspect of Consortium so far would definitely be creating my own basic motivational memes for Consortium to use. I have been able to use my creative side to create some images with an inspiring quote and pictures on it for emotive effect.

Having also just completed further research on Haywards Heath Facebook groups, all I can say is that I am enjoying my time here at consortium here even more than before, being able to be myself is just so nice as opposed to being forced tests and work at school every day, Consortium on my first day has been so friendly. I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.


Day 2)

Second day at Consortium and still feeling great about things.

Spent the morning going over some capsule records and finding addresses for certain ones, managed to get about fifty done in a few hours which was pretty good.

Then I began work on images for Ladies Lunch Clubs (LLCs), I’ve made several cover images or posters that could be used to promote the LLCs to a wider variety of businesswomen around the place. I’m finding it genuinely really enjoyable being able to be so creative so often and not having to be forced such certain strict work constantly.

I feel so much happier at a place besides school for most of the day and Consortium is nice for a break and be able to be myself from 9 to 3.

Its now the end of Day 2, I’ve just completed the second page of Capsule records and the first 100 addresses are nearly all complete. Still loving the time here and the people are so nice, would definitely recommend Consortium to a future student or any clients that are looking into finding a good marketing agency to help them out with advertising.

I’ve made several images for the LLCs and tomorrow I’m going to begin creating Gifs to be used on Canva and with the LLCs, I’m also going to be researching into competitors.


Day 3)

Day 3 here at Consortium, really enjoying having work experience here and the freedom is great.

I was brought a bacon sandwich this morning which has honestly made my day by itself considering I was too lazy this morning and forgot about breakfast.

Just finished the Animated G.I.F’s for Alpha social media, a website that runs different courses surrounding first aid and saving people. Canva is a great piece of software on the internet that can be used by anyone to create GiF’s or even just plain images that are necessary for social media or presentations for example.

Also made a 7 slide PowerPoint on the competitors for the LLCs, which are all business networking sites that have similar aspects. One of them is slightly more formal that LLC, whereas another is a lot more informal than the LLCs and are a lot more themselves and open on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

In fact, almost the entire list has been totally completed, besides the blog, although I am doing it right now so I suppose I’ve technically finished everything?

I hope not, I hope they can find me a few more things to do such as more capsule records, more LLC images or even just motivational memes for Consortium as a whole that I can complete as I’m genuinely enjoying the work.


Day 4)

Coming to the end of my second to last day at Consortium and getting sad as the end draws nearer.

Really not looking forward to going back to school next week since I’ll just be treated like a kid all over again but oh well.

Created a few more motivational memes for Consortium earlier and also made a few more LLC images for them to use along with the other ones that were made yesterday. Went over another 50 capsule records so I’m now at 150 with all correct addresses on them bar a few because I’m not totally convinced that they actually exist after some extensive research.

Finished the entire list now, added a few more people on LinkedIn and have begun another post on my football work experience that I did late last year.

Honestly, everyone here is so nice and welcoming, took the photo earlier of me standing alongside a large banner with Consortium on it for the business.


I can happily say that working here has expanded my own knowledge on Media and how businesses work around each other greatly, I never know it was such a complicated process!

I think this is one of the first times I’ve made an over 1000 word piece. But I can certainly say I’m enjoying it!


Day 5 – Final Day ;(

I’m starting to realise that worrying about work experience was a total mistake, genuine work seems so much better than school or college and at Consortium everyone is so nice and welcoming here, I would definitely recommend Consortium for people that are interested in media studies or aspects of social media, as it’s a great opportunity to get to look into how images and words can influence people, how to research up on things that you never even knew you could look into and get to work with some really brilliant people.

My favourite overall part was most likely creating images for Ladies Lunch Club, I got to get as creative as I wanted with no limits and make things that I thought people would be interested in and would grab their attention using bright colours and pictures.

Even writing this blog has been nice, getting to look back on the past week and see what I’ve personally achieved and how my thoughts on media are much more in-depth than they were this time last week.

A huge thanks to Consortium and everyone here for having me and I hope to see them all again!

Jude Anderson, Worthing High School

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