Work Experience at Consortium – Guest post by Martha Jones, work experience student

Initially, upon arrival, I had struggled to overcome my apprehensiveness of taking my first steps into the working community. However, once I was set my first task as a work experience student, I was able to allow myself to become more open to the experience itself rather than fearing the unexpected.

On my first Monday here, I was given a spreadsheet with a list of contacts and companies and had to research each company’s business sector. Of course, this process involved some common sense in that various company names were rather self-explanatory. Nevertheless, most businesses did require more in-depth research, and this has helped me gain an insight into how company websites should have a clear and neat layout in order to make necessary information easy to find for the viewer, as well as how overlooked skills such as investigation can play a significant role in work life.

On the following Tuesday, I used similar skills of research and spreadsheets to find businesses on the well-known social media platform: Twitter. The objectives of this task were to follow any official company account that was involved in an upcoming event. Like the previous task, this enabled me to explore useful skills such as research, understanding, knowledge of displaying information (On spreadsheets) and ensuring that the task was carried out correctly.

As well as these research-based tasks, I was later given the opportunity to indulge in more creative aspects of the marketing industry. I particularly enjoyed editing images for a social media hashtag, “Monday Motivation”. This variety of experience provided by Consortium has given me a glimpse into not only the media industry but working life as well. I feel that this will play a key role in mapping out my future.

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