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We are busy, we don’t need marketing….

As a marketeer, the phrase “my firm is busy, we don’t need marketing” is something I hear all too often. In some cases, the firms I speak to may be right, but these are very few and far between, so let me pose some questions if this statement resonates with you: Are you busy doing […]


Virtual networking – what is out there and what should I go to?

Virtual networking is here to stay, certainly until there is a Covid-19 vaccine, the majority of us are not comfortable to be out face-to-face networking (notwithstanding government restrictions that change weekly). So, it’s time to embrace it if you haven’t already! Since lockdown, we have tried to embrace technology and lead the way with our […]


Why brand consistency is important: 7 tips to ensure it works

Over the years your business has spent time, money and effort to build a dependable and recognisable brand. But despite every effort to protect and control your brand identity, inconsistencies continue to creep into regular interactions and touchpoints you have with your customers. These 7 tips are designed to help you implement greater consistency in […]