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September Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter! Following a cracking summer, the schools have gone back and business is pretty much back to normal, too. This month we’d like to share some of our blog posts with you on marketing trends, personal branding and employee engagement. Although digital marketing has revolutionised the way we market, find […]


Why you Should Consider Running your own Networking Event

The reasons why businesses attend networking events are varied; some want to gain new clients and increase their brand awareness, others want to create new business partnerships or are simply looking for dialogue with other local businesses. Whilst you may be able to achieve all of these aims by attending networking events organised by other […]


Cold calling may well be dead, but thankfully Telemarketing is thriving

A guest post from Julia Haviland, Managing Director of Brittain Limited You don’t have to dig too deep into the realms of online business sites such as LinkedIn to read a plethora of articles asserting that cold calling is dead. And to some extent, and in certain circumstances that may be true. The problem however […]