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PSMC 2020 – Seizing the ‘new normal’

The world has changed remarkably since the outbreak of Coronavirus, and subsequently the way that professional services firms run their businesses. Whilst many had no choice but to embrace remote working, come to grips with new (and ever evolving) government guidance and changing customer needs, we look at which practices are here to stay – […]


Virtual Networking Guide

So we’re 8 weeks into Coronavirus lockdown, and most of us have got to grips with Zoom and this idea that we can network virtually. But, are we doing it right? Do we care? Why are we doing it? And are we making the most of it? Just as with face to face networking, people […]


How to get the most out of your networking

I love this topic, I speak on how to network, probably 3-4 times a year, if not more. Even the most seasoned networker can get something out of taking time to reflect on what they are doing and why! I even learn in my sessions from the suggestions and interactions with others. Here are my […]