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Top 10 Law firm website tips

By Rich Dibbins Having worked with hundreds of law firms over the last 15 years we’ve learned some things along the way.  Here is a distillation of the top 10 tips we recommend law firms focus whether they are designing and building a new website, or trying to get the best out of […]


How to promote your content

  How to promote your content transcript Hello and welcome to our two-minute (actually it’s about 3 and a half minutes but worth it) presentation on how to promote your content. I’m Joanna Godden a chartered marketer and also a Consultant at Consortium Business Solutions. Consortium is a niche marketing agency specializing in the professional services […]


WIX VS WordPress

WIX VS WordPress – Guest post by Callum Carter, short term intern WIX vs WordPress is a common decision when building websites, but which is better? When I asked colleagues at Consortium Business Solutions their opinion on website builders, they basically said that they love WordPress… Now, as a novice website builder I haven’t had […]