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How social book-marking can be used to help market your law firm

How social book-marking can be used to help market your law firm. Social book-marking sites are often a forgotten part of your content marketing strategy. We often spend hours on keyword research and crafting fabulous blog posts and then completely forget about promoting your content. Not all law firms are lucky enough to have hundreds […]


How to Write a Blog that People will Actually Read

A few weeks ago, a marketing company wrote an article which appeared on social media.  It contained some less than scrupulous comments about how freelancers can be risky to work with because they are often overloaded and are not the best choice for long-term partnerships.  The crux of the article was that working with a […]


How to structure a blog post

Blog posts are a great tool for any business wanting to improve their digital presence. By sharing expert opinions or knowledge on a particular topic, companies can present themselves as thought leaders in their field whilst also boosting their website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results. Blog posts can be easily shared on social media and […]