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“The most important thing for me. It's about longevity. I want to come back to businesses where my people have been promoted.”

Welcome to episode 9 of the more than marketing podcast! In this episode, we speak with GoGecko founder and recruitment specialist Helen Vane, who has also just co-founded Consortium – more than recruitment alongside Lara Squires.

Helen and Lara explore an enormous range of recruitment topics and ideas from interviewing tactics and best practice techniques to exploring the topic of company values and how they are often underlooked – which, (spoiler alert) can become an enormous obstacle when it comes to quality recruitment.


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“Realise that it’s a two way street. It’s not just about what you want, it’s also about what they want. The more you come together on that and find out what they want and what motivates them and how they function, the better your recruit will be”.

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Know your values!
A clear point Helen iterates is that too many employers approach her with the mindset of ‘Fix this for me!’, and this not only shows a lack of responsibility but also a serious gap in knowledge about your own business its future. Understand your company’s values and USPs and you will double the speed and effectiveness of your recruitment process.

The onboarding process can often be slept on and will turn into the final straw for new employees. Many employers are guilty of bringing on a strong candidate only to forget about them when it comes to integrating them into the day to day life and educating them on the language of the business. Open communication and relationship maintenance is essential throughout the recruitment process.

Make informed decisions
Understanding metrics and boundaries when delving into the recruitment stage is absolutely essential. Use previous experiences and/or goals you have to navigate yourself into the best position possible. What are your dealbreakers? What are the things you will not compromise on? Entering a business relationship understanding these things and also communicating them to the opposite party will be essential for long term growth.

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