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Working with COVID-19 – advice for SMEs

  A message from Lara Squires – how we’re coping with the effects of COVID-19 at work and how we can continue to support you and your clients. Get in touch if you have any thoughts or comments on how you’re making the most of the current situation. See the video: Video – advice for SMEs […]


Guest Blog – The results are in – 2019 Legal Client Journey

  Paul Matthews is a Customer Experience Director at insight6, a specialist company that transforms businesses by creating and implementing a six-step customer experience strategy with clients.  insight6 specialises in working across lots of business sectors but especially with the legal sector to improve client experiences. Through research and experience insight6 has a deep understanding of […]


Why should you have a personal marketing plan?

Well, hopefully your firm has a marketing strategy or plan. This will cover what the businesses marketing objectives are but it’s at a relatively high level. In order to help bring a marketing plan into reality, it is assisted by the team having individual marketing plans which feed into the whole. What so many people […]