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Crisis Planning in a Digital World

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. This mantra applies to many aspects of business, but none more so than when it comes to crisis management. Having a plan in place on how to deal with most eventualities is key to minimising the potential damage. Things don’t always go to […]


Should more companies follow Wetherspoon’s example of quitting social media?

Pub chain Wetherspoon’s has just announced that it is quitting all social media platforms with immediate effect. The main reason quoted is that social media activity and maintaining 100’s of social media profiles does not provide the company with a Return on Investment whilst effectively taking their staff away from their core jobs i.e. to […]


Using Company Milestones to Market Your Business.

In a previous post we wrote about using your company history as a marketing tool to demonstrate your reliability and authority as a well-established company. Using marketing materials from a bygone age to stimulate nostalgia often helps to strengthen brand loyalty. However, as you move forward your company milestones and events are equally important to […]