Since engaging the services of Consortium we have benefited from a clear and structured marketing strategy both short and long term. They have taken time to understand our business, brought fresh ideas to the table and provided support and assistance where needed, working alongside our in-house marketing team which we have found a cost-effective way of doing things. I really enjoy working with Consortium, marketing is no longer a chore or a drain on my valuable time.

Isobel Brett - Managing Director, Bretts Business Recovery

I have very much enjoyed working with Consortium more than marketing, both currently and in my previous role as the managing partner for a large accounting firm based in East Sussex and London. Marketing is part of the process, but you can’t just do marketing by itself. It needs to be part of a targeted and streamlined approach to what we want to try and do and achieve. And Consortium has helped facilitate that unity. Working with Consortium and the team has been fantastic to have direction and a working framework for us all to work with and to help us engage with the wider business community we’re in.

Paige Collins, Owner, Warren House Chartered Accountants

A pleasure to work with, effective, proactive with advice and guidance, patient and understanding of our other commitments.

Dan Simpson - Hartley Fowler

Lara opened our eyes to the benefits of marketing, of promoting our firm, and provided enthusiastic support for our varied projects. Her energetic, think-outside-the-box approach is refreshing and very welcome in our particular industry. She helped us to realise that we really are more than just accountants!

Marty Waite - Humphrey & Co, Chartered Accountants

Very friendly, responsive, and helpful. Have really helped us move forward with our overall approach to marketing.

Nick Oliver - Isadore Goldman

My marketing used to give me sleepless nights. Since using Consortium I no longer have sleepless nights and have stopped worrying about it.

Lloyd French - Delaunay Wealth Management

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