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Marketing strategy.

Working with the Partners or management team we will audit what your business currently does in terms of marketing. We then spend time looking at who your target clients are and how to reach them. We research your competitors, what they do well, and any USPs.

Once all of the above is undertaken we will plan how you want to approach your marketing being mindful of budgets. Very often huge changes can be made with very little spend.

When the marketing strategy has been signed off we will then create a 12-month plan, focusing on those tactics that will have the most impact and fit within budget.

You then have a choice as to how much you can implement or whether to outsource.

Consortium team at work

Marketing strategies are a comprehensive guide on how to market your business, as such, they take time and insight from the business owners to complete. On average it takes 25-30 hours over 4 weeks for us to complete once we have started with the initial brainstorming session.

A full marketing strategy starts from £3,000.
A mini marketing strategy starts from £1,500.

Find full details of our packages and pricing page here.

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