Event marketing is a useful tactic to help promote your law firm. Events provide very tangible evidence that you are a proactive firm. They help raise your profile, enhance your credibility and give you content to enhance your digital footprint. They can be done with relatively small budgets and can be used to strengthen strategic partnerships. But where do you start? We have a few event suggestions to get you started.


Seminars provide a forum to demonstrate your credibility and expertise. It is worth partnering with another related expert, that way you will have a broader appeal, can share the workload and benefit from more than one promotion source. Providing free seminars also have the benefit of boosting your CSR profile while hopefully collecting new prospect contact details.

Charity events

Charity events are a simple way of creating events without looking like too much self-promotion. If you piggyback existing events it also cuts down the workload and you can pretty much guarantee there is already some interest in the event. The charities themselves will also gladly promote your events.

The scale of the events can be vast, from anything like staff dress down and bake sales, through to coffee mornings and taking part in fundraisers, right through to holding your own charity ball. The larger events have the added benefit of acting as your corporate hospitality vehicles to thank your clients, suppliers and staff

Community events

Showing your support for the local community events while raising your profile is another simple way to add to your events programme. Join in with your local seasonal late night shopping events, carnivals and school and college open days. If you want a more measurable ROI, get involved with your local business chambers and trade organisations.

Trade Shows

Exhibiting at trade shows can get pricey so pick your event carefully. Research the delegates and make sure they are the best audience for you. Exhibitions can range from local and regional business shows to specialist sector events and careers shows. If you do decide to exhibit just make sure you do all the prep and aftershow work to make sure you get the best coverage and ROI, you will be amazed how many exhibition leads never get followed up after the show.


No one can deny the power of networking but how about holding your own networking events or business forums?


Awards provide a whole range of opportunities. You can attend to show support for the community or industry sector the event is for. Use it for hospitality taking your best clients as your guests? Enter the awards yourselves for added PR and kudos or event sponsor the awards to raise your profile. All these opportunities will come with the added benefit that the organisers will help you promote your presence in whatever form that takes. Or if appropriate create your own awards, promote yourself as the credible thought leader and create events that can demonstrate and cement your relationship with that sector.


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