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How to promote your content

  How to promote your content transcript Hello and welcome to our two-minute (actually it’s about 3 and a half minutes but worth it) presentation on how to promote your content. I’m Joanna Godden a chartered marketer and also associate director at Consortium Business Solutions. Consortium is a niche marketing agency specializing in the professional services […]


What Makes a Compelling Case Study for Accountants

Case studies, sometimes called Client or Success Stories, are a tried and tested marketing tool that tells the story of how a company solved a client’s particular pain point. They have traditionally been in written format, but with the rise of popularity in video there’s been a notable increase in video case studies. What purpose […]


How social book-marking can be used to help market your law firm

How social book-marking can be used to help market your law firm. Social book-marking sites are often a forgotten part of your content marketing strategy. We often spend hours on keyword research and crafting fabulous blog posts and then completely forget about promoting your content. Not all law firms are lucky enough to have hundreds […]