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Why lawyers should blog

Take full advantage of your marketing activity – and help people to find solutions. It makes sense to engage with your audiences regularly – and not just within your existing networks. We’re sometimes met with scepticism when we recommend a blog for our clients’ websites. Generally, law firms tell us that they receive new instructions […]


How Law Firms can use Video Marketing to attract more Clients

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the pace and accessibility of the internet improve immensely. Broadband infrastructure has spread broadly, and mobile data packages have advanced along with smartphone technology to deliver today’s exceptional mobile browsing experiences. This is significant for almost every facet of the digital world, but it’s particularly vital for video content. […]


How to write an accountancy newsletter that works

Email newsletters have been around ever since email was first introduced in the 1970s, and some marketers argue that in today’s world of apps and social media, their days are limited. With email still the preferred communication method for most businesses, we believe newsletters are a tried and tested marketing tool that’s worth including in […]