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We are busy, we don’t need marketing….

As a marketeer, the phrase “my firm is busy, we don’t need marketing” is something I hear all too often. In some cases, the firms I speak to may be right, but these are very few and far between, so let me pose some questions if this statement resonates with you: Are you busy doing […]


The What, Why and How of Buyer Personas

You may have heard about marketing personas or buyer personas, and how important they are to your marketing activities. If you’re panicking thinking “I haven’t got one of those” chances are you probably do in a way – you just haven’t gone through the process of “formalising” them. Many professional services firms have a ‘typical’ […]


How Accountants can be better Salespeople

The world of professional services firms has become increasingly competitive over recent years, and professionals such as accountants are facing pressure to become better salespeople in order to convert more enquiries.   Although proud of their image as trusted advisers, many accountants would not consider themselves natural salespeople and therefore shy away from any activities […]