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Why should professional service firms use Instagram?

You may be thinking Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos, so why should I use it for my business, especially as a professional service firm? Instagram is known as the best social media platform for engagement and the best way for a brand to connect with their followers. It’s visual, very simple […]


Top 10 Law firm website tips

By Rich Dibbins Having worked with hundreds of law firms over the last 15 years we’ve learned some things along the way.  Here is a distillation of the top 10 tips we recommend law firms focus whether they are designing and building a new website, or trying to get the best out of […]


Quick and simple things law firms can do to generate £100k+ more income

A poor client experience is costing law firms £thousands. Law firms are quite good at looking after their bigger and longer standing clients, however, the handling of new opportunities and managing their wider client base does not typically get the time and focus it warrants. Law firms that don’t have basic processes in place to […]