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Mahdiyyah Ahmed
Digital Marketing Apprentice

Hi, I'm Mahdiyyah

My background is in journalism, and I've found the transition to digital marketing incredibly rewarding and exciting. I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients during my apprenticeship. I showcased my skills in content creation, social media management, and marketing strategies. One of my specialities lies in content and blog creation. I have a knack for crafting compelling narratives and adapting them for various digital platforms to maximize engagement and reach.

One project I take pride in is a Brand Awareness Strategies blog I wrote for Consortium - it generates a lot of traffic. Overall, my journey from journalism to digital marketing has been an impactful digital experience. I'm excited to continue exploring this dynamic field and making a meaningful difference for clients through innovative and effective digital strategies.

What I love about my role:

I am passionate about promoting professional services because I believe in the value they bring to businesses and individuals. Professional services play a crucial role in supporting other organisations and clients in achieving their goals, whether it's through legal advice, consulting, or financial services.

I find satisfaction in helping these service providers showcase their expertise and connect with their target audience effectively. In my role, I particularly love the dynamic nature of digital marketing. It allows me to continuously learn and apply new strategies to reach and engage audiences in innovative ways. This challenges me to stay creative and adaptable while leveraging data-driven insights to drive results.

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