Terms & Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions are between Amelia Bond Search & Selection Limited, or any of its associate or subsidiary companies (hereafter called the agent), and any individual partnership or company to whom the Agent refers details about an applicant either orally, verbally or in writing (hereafter called the client).

2. On accepting an applicant referred by the Agent either orally, verbally or in writing, the client is accepting these Terms and Conditions of Business as the contract between the parties.

3. The client shall immediately advise the agent in the event that the Client or company associated with the Client engages an applicant or agrees to make use of or use the services of an applicant introduced by the Agent in the position offered or in any other position within six months of the date of referral by the Agent to the Client. In this event, the Client shall pay to the Agent the introduction fee (as defined in Clause 4 below) within 14 days of the commencement of the engagement.

4. The introduction fee payable by the Client is calculated at the percentage rate of the annual starting salary (including bonuses, commissions and any other taxable emoluments). The percentage rates are shown in Table 1 below.


(including any taxable benefits & commissions)


All salaries


5. Introductions are confidential. If the client or any representative or employee of the Client refers the applicant to any other person, firm or party, and they engage the applicant on a permanent, temporary/contract, self employed or freelance basis, then the Client will be charged an introduction fee as outlined above.

6. The agent agrees to make every effort to ensure the suitability of applicants introduced to the Client. The agent does not obtain or verify references or carry out any investigations on capability or qualifications of the applicant unless requested in writing by the Client. The Client is advised to obtain references, confirmation of any professional or academic qualification, work permits, health and fitness tests and security clearances for the Applicant.

7. The agent shall not be liable for any loss, liability, damage, costs claims or expense suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or connected with the recruitment or engagement of any Applicant, however arising. The client is strongly advised to obtain his own insurance against such matters.

8. Where an offer of employment has been made in writing to an applicant, and is subsequently withdrawn after acceptance of the Applicant the Client shall within seven days of such withdrawal write to the Agent identifying the reason for the withdrawal and shall be liable to pay an administration charge of £4000 plus VAT.

9. All monies shall be paid by the Client within fourteen days of the invoice date. The Agent reserves the right to invoice a surcharge to the Client of two percent of all outstanding amounts per month. Clients will accept this charge and will be responsible for all legal costs and disbursements incurred by the Agent in connection with the recovery of any overdue monies.

10. Should the applicant having taken up employment, leave before the completion of the eighth week of employment, the following rebate will be allowed at the discretion of the agent, provided the invoice is paid within fourteen days of invoice date.

Length of Employment


Up to 2 weeks


Not exceeding 3 weeks


Not exceeding 4 weeks


Not exceeding 5 weeks


Not exceeding 6 weeks


Not exceeding 8 weeks


11. These Terms and Conditions of Business may not be varied except by the express permission of the proprietor of the Agent in writing.

12. If the initial contract is for less than a year and is then renewed, extended or becomes a permanent appointment, a subsequent fee will be charged in accord with the fee rates outlined in Clause 4.    

20th September 2023
Liz Smith - Director 

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