Are you looking for some blog ideas to increase engagement with your clients and prospects? Here are 10 blog ideas that you as a professional services firm can adapt to your specific audience. You can use these ideas to demonstrate your expertise and to convey to your audience why they should trust you and what sets you apart from your competitors.

But, before we get into it, why is blogging important?

There are countless reasons why you should publish blogs or post content about your firm or about relevant industry topics on your website. By writing blogs, you and your team can demonstrate your expertise and industry knowledge and your audience can access content that is both interesting and informative, which will enhance your credibility as a trusted industry authority.

Blogs are also a great way to break down what services you provide in a jargon-free way.

But how often do you put thought behind why you are blogging or what you hope to achieve by writing a specific blog?

By writing about specific topics or keywords you can not only inform your audience, but you can also improve your search engine rankings on Google that will help you to reach new audiences, people will find you when they search for certain words on Google or when they look for an answer to their questions that you may have written a blog about.

Before you start writing your blog, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Who are you writing your blog for?
  2. What will your reader get from reading it?

Once you have the answers to these two questions, you can use our 10 tips to develop your blog ideas to create content that will engage your audience:

  1. Use a personal story.

What better way to introduce your audience to your business than through a personal story – perhaps something like ‘Why I became an accountant, or ‘Why I decided to practice law’. Your audience will get to know both yourself and your business and it is a way for you to establish trust by conveying why you care about what you do.

  1. Do an interview with your team.

An interview with your team will tick two boxes. It will help you to introduce your team, so your readers get to know you and your staff better, and it will also inform your clients and prospects about your business, what you do, why you do it, and why you are better than your competitors. It also creates room for a range of topics that can be repeated and re-purposed later.

  1. Write out a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

As many of us understand, there are many behavioural decisions throughout a client’s journey, and people often do research before purchasing a service or deciding to engage with a particular firm. An FAQ post is a great way to showcase your expertise and how your firm can provide your clients and prospective clients with the help they need.

  1. Talk about trending topics.

Trends are a powerful way of staying current and relevant; and so is demonstrating your expertise and knowledge in an ever-changing industry. By writing about trending topics you can boost your reach to prospective clients who might be searching for help in a specific area but who may not have come across you or your firm previously.

  1. Go behind the scenes.

Everybody loves exclusive access to things, whether it is seeing behind-the-scenes footage from your favourite movie or seeing the process of how something is made – you cannot deny people love to see the secrets! So, why not give readers a photo or video tour of your workspace. This helps to create a rapport between your team and your audience and can help you to enhance your business and personal profile.

  1. Staff profiles.

Put a name to a face. Introduce your team on your website and promote it through your social media channels. Show the human side of your business. This is great content to use if you are having a busy month or cannot produce new content. Raising the profile of your team can also help them to develop their personal brand and can help build the reputation of your firm.

  1. What complex topics can you simplify?

Often the best blog topics are the ones that educate readers, explaining complex concepts in a jargon-free way. Simplifying complex content on your website and delivering it in an informative and interesting way such as through video, can be immensely powerful, regardless of whether your audience requires your services immediately or not. It will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and will make you more memorable should they require your services in the future.

  1. What common misconceptions can you dispel?

Challenging your views and assumptions opens room for growth and change. Dispelling misconceptions about your industry or business is a great way to encourage discussion whilst enlightening your audience with information that challenges their (or the stereotypical) perspective. Additionally, it can be educational and interesting to read.

  1. Share your best tips and advice.

Blogs mean different things to different people – often a piece of content will not interest everyone, which is okay! But that is the advantage of sharing tips and advice, you can cater to a wide audience and it can often be a powerful way to demonstrate your expertise.

  1. Use infographics and data about a common concern.

Using data or infographics can be a very eye-catching way for you to reach your audience.  Sometimes a topic or blog can be delivered more succinctly and can strengthen your message and provide an insight to your audience in a visual way that words cannot convey alone, and it can help you to inform your audience, build trust and make your message memorable in a simple yet effective way.

So, there you have it, our 10 blog ideas that have hopefully motivated you to get the ball rolling with your website content. If there is anything in this article that you would like further advice on, do get in touch, we would love to help your business!

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