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UK GDPR post-Brexit and professional services marketing

What is happening with UK GDPR post-Brexit? How do the latest GDPR updates affect professional services marketing efforts, and most importantly do you need to do anything? If you’re feeling a vague sense of “is there something I should be doing/not doing/doing more of” now that the UK has left the EU you are not […]


Guest blog – The new Google Page Experience metric is coming. Is your website ready?

For professional services, whether legal, accounting, financial, or other, it’s a competitive market and if you’re not ahead of the digital experience you’ll find your business being directed elsewhere.   In 2020, Google announced a new ranking factor to be rolled out in early 2021 called “Page Experience”. Essentially it will measure how users perceive […]


We are busy, we don’t need marketing….

As a marketeer, the phrase “my firm is busy, we don’t need marketing” is something I hear all too often. In some cases, the firms I speak to may be right, but these are very few and far between, so let me pose some questions if this statement resonates with you: Are you busy doing […]