Are “core values” any more than a nice thing to put on your company’s website (or if you have the budget, up on the office wall)? Belinda Palmer is a major advocate for a business implementing a strong set of core values. The reward, she tells us, is employees who celebrate working for your firm.

“Actually Iive those values every single day in all the decisions that you make and explain what it really means in good practice.”

Episode three spotlights the defining values that shape not just what our businesses do, but how the work itself gets done. Jen talks to Belinda about why conveying your firm’s core values to your staff is so important. They discuss the best ways to make them a part of day-to-day work. Just telling your team they exist isn’t enough if you want them to have a real impact, so what do you do? Can new technology help?

More from Consortium on Core Values

If you’ve got a strong set of core values you can use them to boost your marketing. We’ve written a lot about how you can make the most of them, so here are some of our favourites to get you started:

Show potential recruits who you are
Your values will make a big difference in recruitment. You want people to fit the culture of your firm, and potential recruits will want to know if they align with your expectations. You can demonstrate your values and show them with an Employee Proposition.

Increase staff engagement with marketing
Marketing for professional service firms holistically gets the best results. Everyone has a role to play in marketing, but how do you get your team on board? A team in line with the firm’s values is a great place to start.

Employee Advocacy
Employee Propositions aren’t the only thing you can use when you’re recruiting. One of the most convincing things any recruit can ask for is to hear what your team are saying about work. If your team is on board with your core values they will happily advocate for your firm.

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