Why does my business need a blog? Don’t be one of the 70% of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of blogs to drive traffic to their websites. In this episode of more than marketing Jen talks to Hannah Perryman about everything blogs – why you should be bothering with them, who in your business can be writing them and the fundamentals of writing that gets your website ranked on Google. Even if you’re not sure what to write, we’ve got you covered!

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Although they can feel a bit old-hat these days, blogs are still as relevant as ever. At Consortium, they’re one of our favourite tools that we use with our clients because they’re so versatile. With the right kind of content, you’ll be able to attract new clients, who will be looking for answers that you can provide. A good blog will position the writer as an expert, building that all-important trust between professional and client. Plus, you can use a blog to make several other kinds of content:

“The beauty is, is that you can do so much with a blog so you can post a long-length blog and from that blog create other content as well, such as videos, social media, reels posts, infographics or even a podcast.

So your business needs a blog – where to start?

If this episode has sparked inspiration, we’ve got the resources you need to get going:

How to perform a content audit
Of course, once you’ve written your blog, the work doesn’t end there! Examine Hannah’s guide on reviewing your old content for more details on what we discuss in this episode.

Getting your team on board
We recognise that writing blogs can be time consuming, and your team might not see why it’s important work. Our guide can take some of the guess work out of getting your team involved in the firm’s marketing.

The comprehensive how-to write guide
Our Content Writing for Professional Services training is a complete guide for writing blogs and articles. Get everything from picking a topic your audience is looking for to writing with SEO in mind from this on-demand lecture.

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