It’s the beginning of Legal Directories season! Have you started your submission yet, or are you just thinking about it?  Lou Gilbert has advice from her years of experience getting individuals, firms and chambers ranked.

“You want to get across why you’ve included that deal. What’s special about it? Does it have a certain level of complexity? Did it involve lots of different jurisdictions? Did you have to do it under time pressure? What is special about it? Why are you highlighting it and the value of the deal or the transaction or the matter?”

In episode two of more than marketing, Jen talks to Lou about all the aspects of submitting to the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. What do you need to cover in your submission and what will referees be asked? What are judges looking for? Whether you’re new to the world of legal directories or want to take your firm’s rankings to the next level, this episode will get you in the headspace to tackle directories season head-on!

More from Lou for Legal Directories Season

If you’ve got a specific question about directories or your submission, Lou is happy to answer your questions. Email her here (and tell her you enjoyed the episode!).

Lou has also written about the Legal Directories for us before. If you’re looking ahead in the process, you should read her guide to preparing for the interview stage. There’s a lot you can do with the content you’ve put together for your submission to maximise your return on the effort you spent putting it together. Read Lou’s advice on what you should be using your content for while you wait to hear back from the judges.

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