Podcasting offers immense potential for law firms and accounting practices looking to expand their reach and showcase expertise. As on-demand audio content grows increasingly popular, a well-executed podcast provides numerous benefits:

  • Establishing thought leadership in your niche
  • Growing brand awareness and recognition
  • Generating leads by positioning your firm as industry experts
  • Fostering client relationships by providing value-added content
  • Diversifying your content marketing mix beyond blogs and videos

But how exactly can a podcast help demonstrate your legal or accounting expertise? And how do you ensure your show reaches both B2B and B2C audiences? Read on for a deeper look at podcasting for professional service firms.

How Podcasts Showcase Expertise

A podcast allows you to highlight your firm’s specialised skills, real-world experience and industry insights. Some specific ways to share your expertise include:

Industry trends and insights:

Provide analysis on trending topics and emerging issues relevant to your legal or accounting specialities. Educate listeners on key concepts, challenges and developments impacting your areas of focus.

Client success stories:

Interview clients about the positive outcomes and transformations they experienced from working with your firm. Let them share their journey and results in their own words. Get permission to discuss case specifics and strategies.

Q&A episodes:

Address frequently asked questions that prospective clients have, or field listener questions submitted online. This allows you to dispel common misconceptions, provide practical guidance and demonstrate your breadth of knowledge.

Current events commentary:

Relate breaking news stories and developments to your expertise. Offer your unique perspective on the business, financial, legal or regulatory implications.

Thought leadership discussions:

Weigh in on debates and issues surrounding laws, regulations, standards, technologies and best practices in your field. Position your firm as forward-thinking subject matter experts pushing the industry forward.

Pro tips for clients:

Provide tactical tips and best practices for clients related to your services, such as tax preparation strategies, how to choose a business structure, litigation risk management and more. Deliver value.

Reaching Both B2B and B2C Audiences

One major benefit of podcasting is the ability to expand your visibility among both professional services clients (B2B) and individual consumers (B2C). Here’s how to tailor your show for both audiences:

Reaching Business-to-Business Audiences

For corporate clients, include episodes with industry insights and trends analysis. Discuss emerging issues and technologies relevant to executives and managers at potential client organisations. Talk about challenges they face and how you can solve them.

Reaching Business-to-Consumer Audiences

For individual consumers, incorporate more Q&As, current events commentary and client success stories. Deliver legal and accounting advice and insights inaccessible everyday language. Share relatable experiences and examples. Address personal finance or family legal matters, small business, property, and other common needs.

Repurposing Podcast Content

Your podcast generates content that can be repurposed and shared across other marketing channels for further reach:

Leverage social media:

Promote your podcast on all your social platforms. Share clips, quotes, and episode links. Use relevant hashtags and tag influencers in your industry to expand your reach.

Run targeted ads:

Run paid social media ads and sponsored content to drive traffic from your target demographic. Geo-targeting can help reach your local audience.

Pitch to podcast platforms:

Get your podcast on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. Follow their submission guidelines and optimize SEO.

Submit to podcast directories:

List your podcast on directories like ListenNotes and Podchaser so people can discover you. Claim and flesh out your profile.

Email marketing:

Promote new episodes in your email newsletter. Share clips, and quotes, or embed the full episode. Send to both existing clients and prospects.

Website integration:

Have a dedicated podcast page on your website with all episodes. Embed episodes on relevant pages and link back to drive SEO. Also transcribe key quotes from episodes into blog posts.

Paid advertising:

Run short 5-15-second clips from episodes as video or audio ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Spotify. This expands visibility.

Presentations and events:

Include relevant audio snippets and podcast data points and statistics in presentations, webinars or seminars. Showcase your expertise.

Guest appearances:

Reach out to complementary shows for guest spots. The host will promote you to their audience. Offer to reciprocate.


Partner with podcasters in a related niche for cross-episode promotion and guest swaps. Co-marketing expands reach.

Transcribe for SEO:

Transcribe episodes and post as blogs for SEO. Include links back to the podcast episode.

Business profiles:

Add your podcast URL to all your business profiles and citations to drive discovery. Maximise visibility.

Networking events:

Mention and play clips from your podcast when networking at chamber events, trade shows etc. Bring business cards.

Promotional giveaways:

Run a contest for free services, products, etc. to incentivize shares, reviews, and subscriptions.

3 Tips to Get Your Podcast Started

Ready to launch your own podcast for your law or accounting practice? Here are three tips to drive success:

Choose a compelling niche topic or angle

Select specialities, perspectives and use cases not fully addressed by existing options in your field. Find the sweet spot between broad appeal and specificity.

Invest in high-production quality

At a minimum, ensure you have decent mics and audio editing software. Poor sound quality is an instant turn-off for listeners. Enlist help from professional marketers like us if needed or rent a podcasting study.

Promote across marketing channels

Drive listenership through your website, email campaigns, social promotion and even small ads. Make sharing and subscribing easy. Claim profiles on podcast directories.

Next steps

Podcasting allows professional firms to engage target audiences by sharing valuable insights and experiences through convenient on-demand audio. With compelling niche content and effective distribution, it can significantly expand your brand reach and recognition as an industry thought leader.

Set yourself apart in a crowded market with a podcast focused on your greatest asset – your expertise. If you are interested in how to use podcasts in your own marketing, then get in touch with us on 01903 530787.

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